2018 Kettlebell Sport Nationals Edmonton Alberta

What is Kettlebell Sport

The sport consists of three main lifts: 

the snatch, jerk and the long cycle

Jerk and Long Cycle can be performed with one bell or two kettlebells of equal weight.

  • Snatch: A single kettlebell is swung using one hand from between the knees to above the head in a single motion.
  • Jerk: one kettlebells is grasped in each hand and swung to the 'rack position' at chest level, then jerked above the head. It can be performed with one kettlebell.
  • Long Cycle: Two kettlebells are cleaned from knee level to chest level, then jerked to above the head. It can be performed with one kettlebell.

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To generate meaningful interest in Kettlebell Sport in Canada, while fostering its growth on an international stage. Creating one organizational body to select the best athletes to compete at Kettlebell Sports Highest levels. 


We are Non Profit

Created by pioneers of Kettlebell Sport in Canada to maintain the highest level of competitors and standards in Kettlebell Sport for Canada. These 4 women between them are multiple World Champions, Canadian and World Record Holders. 


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  • Local and National Competitions
  • Judging Standards & Education
  • Kettlebell Sport Courses & Workshops
  • Kettlebell Sport Ranks
  • Kettlebell Sport Canadian Records

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